NODL has been delisted from Oslo Stock Exchange

Northern Drilling Ltd. (the “Company“) is now de-listed from Euronext Oslo. In said respect, the Company refers to previous stock exchange announcements. On 13 December 2023, the Company announced a Special General Meeting to consider delisting from Euronext Oslo. Following this, on 9 January 2024, it was announced that the Special General Meeting had resolved to delist the Company’s shares from Euronext Oslo. On 11 January 2024, it was reported that the Company had submitted an application to delist the shares from Euronext Oslo. Finally, on 4 March 2024, Euronext Oslo announced that it had approved the delisting application, with an effective delisting date of 29 April 2024.

As the Company’s shares are no longer publicly traded, general meetings will serve as the primary source of information for shareholders going forward. Additional information will be communicated to shareholders as needed on a case-by-case basis.

Furthermore, also as a consequence of the delisting, there is no longer a platform to trade the Company’s shares. As the Company’s shares are not publicly traded, investors wishing to trade shares need to approach this in the same manner as with respect to any other private company, and could consider consulting with stockbrokers or other financial professionals for such purpose.

As a result of the delisting, the Company’s shares will be de-registered from Euronext VPS / Euronext Securities, effective on or about 18 June 2024 (the “Deregistration Date“).

If shareholders enter into bilateral agreements to buy and sell shares before the Deregistration Date, they must contact their own account registrar, i.e. the entity that maintains the shareholders’ account in the VPS on behalf of the investor. The account registrar will then need to contact DNB and arrange for the transfer of the shares in the VPS.

After the Deregistration Date, the shareholder register will be maintained and updated by the Company. If shareholders enter into bilateral agreements to buy and sell shares after the Deregistration Date, they must notify the Company, which will manually ensure the shares are transferred.

Norwegian shareholders who experience a financial loss on their investment in the Company’s shares may be able to declare this loss on their tax returns. Shareholders are encouraged to seek separate tax advice to accurately assess the value of the loss, and how to declare the loss. Shareholders are responsible for their own tax obligations, and this information is for information purposes only.